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Here we have collected the questions we are being asked most frequently. If you are still not clear about something, feel free to contact us either by phone, e-mail or through our contact form.



How much does the exchange year cost?
Depending on a host country. Contact us for more information. Back to Questions

What is the application process like?
In order to come to Honduras and to perform a voluntary service here, you should at first contact your local ICYE committee or in case of European Voluntary Service project, find a sending organisation from your country. If there is no local ICYE committee in your country, please contact us and we find a solution together. Back to Questions

What type of voluntary work I will be doing?
Most of our projects are related to social work with disabled children, youths, and adults or with children and youth in social risk or living in the streets. We also offer projects concerning ecological-communitarian development, human rights, general health. Back to Questions

Do all the volunteers always live in a host family or is it also possible to live alone?
All the volunteers who come to Honduras via ICYE Honduras live in a host family or in their working project. Back to Questions

Does my host family get paid?
Hosting a volunteer is one of the requirements which the Honduran families who send their kids to do an exchange year abroad have to fulfil. Therefore, generally the host families do not receive any compensation. Back to Questions

Can I change my project during my exchange?
It is possible to change the project during the stay in case of severe problems that cannot be resolved. However, we always remind to our volunteers that flexibility, openness, initiative, and optimism are the abilities very much necessary when working as a volunteer; we do not recommend changing the project too hastily. Back to Questions

How many days of vacation do I have?
One week of vacations for every three months of the stay. Back to Questions

What does my insurance cover?
All participants of ICYE programme are covered by medical and dental insurance, life and permanent disability insurance and third-party insurance. Back to Questions

Do I have the chance to take Spanish classes?
Introductory course of 30 hours forms a part of orientation activities which are compulsory for all the participants. After this, the volunteers have to find an opportunity to continue with the language classes on their own. Back to Questions

How dangerous is Honduras?
Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and we do have security issues. It is very common that mobile phones or handbags can get robbed on the streets or in the public transport, especially in cities. However, if you are careful and manage to stay calm, you will be able to avoid dangerous situations or resolve them with no major harm done. Back to Questions

Do I need to take medicine against malaria, dengue?
There is almost no malaria today in Honduras, it can be found only in the jungle, so it is not necessary to take malaria pills every day. There is no vaccine against dengue; this tropical fever is transmitted by a mosquito Aedes aegypti and the disease can be avoided by avoiding mosquitoes. However, dengue fever is nowadays totally curable; dengue is not as dangerous as malaria. Consult your doctor about the vaccinations you might need for a long-term stay in Honduras. Back to Questions

Is it possible to come to work in Honduras as a volunteer independently, without the help of any sending organization?
It is possible; please contact us for more information. Back to Questions